A Daddy Alone

Wrote this today.  Waxing a bit poetic as the month ends and the divorce nears finality…

A Daddy Alone

Living alone; white house
Living alone; white house (Photo credit: jonhoward)


Remembering the glorious sound of tiny feet rushing to the door
Seeing their hands go up high and the launching of their bodies
To nestle in close to the stubble on Daddy’s face
Needing a hug to welcome home the man of the hour
Chattering away about the excitement of the pool
Or the trampoline
Or the dogs
Or nothing

Seeing the proud smile on the faces of the other players
And knowing their coach is also their daddy and loves them
In ways he never will for the goalie or the center forward
Knowing he will lead and guide and direct the whole team
And the others will wish their dad was there through the process
But knowing Dad
Is theirs alone
And Smiling

Knowing the man working in the yard amid the heat and sweat
Is capable of doing just about anything he puts his mind to
And wanting to be just like him, working just as hard as he does
Arranging the rock, lifting the shovels, digging the holes
To make the house a home and create something beautiful
Out of dirt
Out of them
With them

Talking with him on the way to practice about little things
Hearing him listen as the days events unfold about him
There is a bit of advice, maybe sometimes too much fixing
But mostly there is listening and concern and the peace
Of knowing someone bigger and stronger than they
Cares a lot
Lives alongside
Loves Forever

These are the memories a Dad alone carries with him
And hopes his kids can someday remember as well.


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